ELIXIR (2011) 

Visitors are divided into two groups, each entering a different space.  One space is a white cube (active) while the other is a cinema (passive) showing a live-stream from the white cube. Visitors in the active space are included in a series of rituals leading to the formation of a group called “Elixir.”  As “Elixir,” they paint the walls and perform a choreography.  Then they saw holes in the walls and enter the cinema through the holes.  The passive group is included in “Elixir” and everybody is brought to the street where they illegally spraypaint a large wall. Everybody is brought back to the gallery and led through a group meditation centered around self-reflection.

Christian Falsnaes - ELIXIR (2011)

Christian Falsnaes
          - ELIXIR (2011)
Christian Falsnaes, ELIXIR
installation view, PSM, Berlin, 2011